Amigurumi monster free pattern

Easy and simple crochet plush monster pattern, good way to destash leftover yarns and turn them into a cute toy amigurumi. The finished monster is 15 cm tall.

Pappteller Schnecke Craft

PAPIERTELLERSCHNECKE - so ein lustiges Schneckenhandwerk für Kinder! Einfaches Basteln auch für Vorschule oder Kindergarten!

Suncatcher Jellyfish Kids Craft

It’s time for The Kids Craft Stars monthly craft challenge! Every month we have a challenge between a few blogger friends and I, to in-cooperate a different craft medium or technique into a simple kid craft. This month’s challenge was to come up with an ocean themed craft. So this week we made these easy and colorful jellyfish […]

How To Make a DIY Mini Loom

Do you have a loom? Have you tried weaving? If you've been wanting to jump on this fiber trend but feel like buying a loom is a bit daunting, did you know it's super easy to make a DIY loom... and that DIY looms actually work great?! Here's how to make a sweet little mini DIY loom (that actually works) in less than five minutes! All you need is a scrap of cardboard (the flap of a box works great) and you're good to go. First, cut your cardboard to size. We used a piece about 4" x 6". You can definitely use a much larger piece if you like, but if you're looking for a low-commitment project, start small! :) After cutting the cardboard, mark the top and bottom every 1/4". Then, simply snip a notch about 1/4" deep at each mark, using scissors. Beginning at the bottom left, wrap your warp thread around the loom, going from top to bottom and all the way around the back of the loom. Leave a long tail at the beginning and end of the warp. This is the view on the back! Tie the two warp tails together on the back. And now you're ready to weave! You can use any standard weaving instructions for a "frame loom" to begin working on your DIY loom. And that's it -- really simple, right? These baby looms are a great way to experiment with weaving or to do a weaving project with a group, like a crafty bachelorette party or even a kids' activity. If you make this project, we'd love to see how it turns out! Share your pics and tag us @brooklyncraftcompany and #brooklyncraftcompany.

How to Make Beautiful Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns

These mason jar leaf lanterns are SO PRETTY and they're so easy! This is such a great DIY fall decoration! Perfect for a fall mantle or thanksgiving table!