Plastic Bottle Cap House

Crikey, this lovely pensioner from the rural town of Kamarchaga in the Siberian taiga turned her house into a local landmark. So far she...

Phone Charging Station DIY (Using a Plastic Bottle

Let's face it, our phones have become a fun, creative and integral part of our daily lives. We don't just communicate with them anymore, we also create, manage our time and finances, work, and play on them. But along with having information at our fingertips 24/7, those jumbled up charging cords can become such a mess.


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How to Make Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder - DIY & Crafts

Reuse soda bottle to serve seeds for birds during long winter time

Plastic Bottle Jellyfish

Plastic Bottle Jellyfish: turn a plastic bottle into a decorative jelly fish.